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          Janice Reid Scholarship Fund

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          Helping our students to realise their career goals and life ambitions is something we are very passionate about.

          However, for many, the opportunity to study at university may be unattainable because of financial hardship or other circumstances.

          Ayen Chol, Scholarship Recipient

          Students such as Ayen Chol, resident of Merrylands and recent graduate of the Bachelor of Medical Science program, was a recipient of a Scholarship from the University.


          Ayen is the first in her family to hold a university qualification and tells us that her graduation was a proud day for her, her family and other women from similar backgrounds.

          'Coming to university has been life changing for me – it means I can be something more and a role model for other women'.

          When asked about what this scholarship meant to her, Ayen says: 'If someone I barely know can do this for me to help me succeed, imagine what I can do.'

          Janice Reid Scholarship Fund will assist individuals who face economic, social or other disadvantage which makes university participation very difficult. 该 scholarships will provide much needed financial assistance to students throughout their degree.

          In a 2011 survey, 90% of students who had received financial assistance said that it was important in ensuring their ongoing enrolment.


          Support the Janice Reid Scholarship Fund

          To ensure the legacy of Professor Janice Reid continues within the University and the Western Sydney Community, you can contribute to the Janice Reid Scholarship Fund.